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Spendl is your own non-custodial Bitcoin processor. Generate a virtual credit card and top it up in lightning speed, stay financially sovereign with full control of your funds and have the ability to Spendl anywhere.
Spendl offers a virtual-card load up feature on every online checkout form. Simply search for a card input and top-up a card, pay us BTC via the lightning network and we will issue the card fully loaded with the value you need for purchase.
Users signing up for Spendl will get labeled with a tier based spend limits as follows:
Tier 0 - uncompleted registration - 0 EUR Spendl limit
Tier 1 - completed standard registration - 50 EUR monthly Spendl limit
Tier 2 - Completed KYC - 20K EU monthly Spendl limit
Tier 3 - Contact [email protected] for lifting the 20K limit
Spendl is focused on making the Lightning network an active payment network for real life purchases.
Since you are ordering directly from a merchant, refund eligibility is in contingency of the refund policy enforced by the store/service of the order. Once the virtual card is credited with the refund amount you will get a notification and the ability to use the card or get your BTC (in EUR value of transaction) back.
Spendl is not responsible or has any liability regarding tax reports or issues created as a by-product of buying goods with Crypto Currencies. It is the client’s sole responsibility to report to the tax authorities according to the jurisdiction laws where he legally resides. It is highly recommended to save the invoices for card top ups.