SpendL is focused on Lightning network, yet we do accept on-chain BTC.
In the future we plan on integrating DAI.

if you are looking to do so, please fill out Spendl’s alternative checkout yourself, thoroughly explaining your request and we will process your order. 

How do you know that every service provider will deliver its promises?
Well, you don’t!
We are aiming to build a reliable reputation so try using the service with small value purchases until you feel 100% comfortable. 

Refund eligibility is in contingency of the refund policy enforced by the store/service of the order.
Every expense of the refund procedure will be deducted from the refund amount issued to the client.
It’s important to note that refunds will be issued in BTC according to the EUR quoted value of the product, therefore it is possible to receive less or more crypto as a refund.  

Generally speaking all shipping polices are subject to the commerce platform used for ordering products. 
If you wish to inquire about tracking a shipment,
please contact us on [email protected]

 In case you plan to use Spendl on casual products and services under €1500 monthly, basic email/phone/name is required.
If you are looking to buy more than the above limit (value exceeding €1500) we will need a valid identification document.

It is important to note that:
Spendl is not responsible or has any liability regarding tax reports or issues created as a by-product of buying goods with Crypto Currencies.

It is the client’s sole responsibility to report to the tax authorities according to the jurisdiction laws where he legally resides.

For LN transactions anything goes 🙂
onchain has a minimum order currently set to $9.99.