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Pay for Anything
With Bitcoin

Spendl is a Chrome extension that lets you pay at any online store directly from your own Bitcoin wallet

Spendl App

Works anywhere online including the following:

  • Airbnb Logo
  • Amazon Logo
  • Booking Logo
  • Zara Logo
  • eBay Logo

How It Works

1. Install In Seconds
Add the Chrome plugin in just 2 clicks

2. Go Shopping
Shop on any online store. When you need to input your credit card, press the Spendl button.

3. Transfer Funds & Complete Purchase
Transfer Bitcoin to the Spendl address to complete your purchase.

Button Store

Automatic On-Site Card Issuing

Our extension inserts a convenient button on every credit card field, all you have to do is click it to top up a virtual card with Bitcoin.

Dude Safe

Safe & Secure

Stay in control of your money by keeping your purchasing power - Your money stays stored in your Bitcoin wallet.

Dude Coins

Fast & Affordable

Get the same rates as the leading exchanges and stop messing around with banks.

Dude search

Private & Discrete

No stats, analytics, or other trackers that come with extensions.

Pay for Anything With Bitcoin