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Pay for Anything
With Bitcoin

Spendl is a Chrome extension that lets you pay at any online store directly from your own Bitcoin wallet

Spendl App

Works anywhere online including the following:

  • Airbnb Logo
  • Amazon Logo
  • Booking Logo
  • Zara Logo
  • eBay Logo

How It Works

1. Install In Seconds
Add the Chrome plugin in just 2 clicks

2. Go Shopping
Shop on any online store. When you need to input your credit card, press the Spendl button.

3. Transfer Funds & Complete Purchase
Transfer Bitcoin to the Spendl address to complete your purchase.

Button Store

Automatic On-Site Card Issuing

Our extension inserts a convenient button on every credit card field, all you have to do is click it to top up a virtual card with Bitcoin.

Dude Safe

Be your own bank

Stay in control of your money and keep your purchasing power, your own non-custodial Bitcoin processor.

Dude Coins

Fair exchange rates

Get the same rates as the leading exchanges, save time and stop messing around with banks.

Dude search

No tracking software

No stats, analytics, or other trackers that come with extensions.

Pay for Anything With Bitcoin