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I just used Lightning to buy 50 cups of #starbucks via off #Amazon. using my casanode and #Spendl. That’s 50 cups of coffee with nearly no fees.

— Alec (@AlecInSF) on Twitter
How It Works

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Browse for items

Find products online like you would normally do

Click on the Spendl button

While on a product page click the Spendl button

Checkout and pay

Spendl via lightning and receive your items from the original store

Be your own bank

Keep Your Purchasing Power
Safe And Simple

Real Exchange Rate

Get the real worth of your coins without stopping at the exchange

No tracking software

No stats, analytics, or other trackers that come with extensions

Use Your Own Wallet

Pay directly from your own wallet of choise and keep your funds under your full control

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Spendl Anywhere Online